Unique and useful gifts for you or someone special. All of the items sold here are hand made creations of Kay Wilson, the Sewing Toad.  I use upcycled as well as new materials to make the beautiful things you will find here. Most are one of a kind designs due to the availability of materials.

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My Quilts, bags and jewelry are made of quality materials and crafted by me in the USA. I've added custom, memory and keepsake quilts.  These take more time with my customers, but well worth the effort. Getting the right fabrics, collecting information and memorabilia requires a very personal connection and has a positive outcome on the end product. Yours, Kay

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I had so much fun making my first quilt with Gram.

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Kay Wilson

store owner

You're probably wondering why I'm the Sewing Toad, well I love to sew and my loving husband has called me Toad since we have been together (for almost 30 years).  

My grandmother taught me how to quilt, my father taught me how to knit and mother taught me how to sew. From there sprung my desire to create.  Growing up in a large family with so much talent was the basis of my education along with taking every art or craft class I could find. Designing clothes for porceline Victorian  dolls was the most fun, but alas not a big career booster.  I'm currently still working as a municipal administrator, but carving out more time to follow my passion. Sign up for updates(above) or bookmark the store  to keep in touch with the new and beautiful quilts, table runners a bags I will be adding soon.