Unique and useful gifts for you or someone special. All of the items sold here are hand made creations of Kay Wilson, the Sewing Toad.  I use new materials and incorporate upcycled items to reduce my carbon footprint and make the beautiful things you will find here. Most are one of a kind designs due to the availability of materials.

Quality that lasts

I use quality materials in my quilts, bags and other items. Any upcycled products are thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. Everything is handcrafted in the USA. If you don't find premade items on my site that you like, I also do custom, memory and keepsake quilts.  I'm always open to suggestions. These take more time with each customer, but well worth the effort. Getting the details, the right fabrics, and memorabilia requires a very personal connection and has a positive outcome on the end product. Yours, Kay Wilson

Customer Comments


My gram taught me to quilt when I was 11 years old. I won 2nd prize at the county fair on the very first one..

About Us

Kay Wilson

Maker and Owner

Why Sewingtoad you asked...I love to sew; and my husband has lovingly called me Toad for 30 years. I started  sewing in 4-H when I was 10 and fell in love with quilting in 1974. The first quilt I made was a Dutch Windmill and Tulips to match a wire art picture someone had given me as a gift. My entire family has at least one of my quilts. So, now that I'm retired I'm quilting all the time. I hope you will purchace one of my treasures and enjoy them as much as I did making them.